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Pure, clean drinking water

Our vision is to improve and save lives of people world-wide by developing innovative water purification solutions.

Our mission is to clean the world’s drinking water.

Seldon products are designed to provide pure, clean drinking water at the point-of-use from virtually any water source. Using state-of-the-art Nanomesh™ technology, Seldon filtration systems effectively remove the biological contaminants (cysts, bacteria and viruses) that are the cause of many waterborne illnesses.

Our daily goal and purpose is to save as many lives as we can by producing pure, clean drinking water for everyone.

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Systems adapted to their respective application

Specialty Filters for Consumer and Military Applications

Seldon Technologies develops drinking water filtration solutions for point-of-use systems in multiple applications. For manufacturers of drinking water filtration systems, Seldon designs and manufactures customized specialty filter cartridges that deliver superior purification performance compared to other technologies. For consumers, Seldon’s range of filtration systems offer solutions for households, businesses, adventure travelers, humanitarian responders and disaster recovery personnel. For the military, Seldon has designed a range of mobile solutions for both individual soldiers and deployed groups.

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A specialised distribution network worldwide

A Specialized Global Distribution Network

Seldon™ Technologies maintains a Specialized Global Distribution Network around the world. From Africa to India, Australia to South America and across Europe and North America, Seldon offers multiple water purification solutions, suited to unique global requirements. Contact us to find a distributor near you.

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What do they say?

“Everyone who drank from the WaterBox™ in Rwanda thanks you. “Delicious!” That is how everyone described the water. It wasn’t warm from boiling; it didn’t taste bad from chlorine treatment. It’s the best purifier I’ve seen or used for speed, taste and the number of nasties that it eliminates.”

Laura Clauson – Rwanda

Director of Comprehensive Community Health Initiatives & Programs - Rwanda

“This tastes like rainwater!”

Miondoni Primary School Student – Kenya

“After pumping and drinking water from one of the dirtiest rivers in Haiti, people couldn’t believe it at first, but when we returned healthy two days later everyone was lining up at the WaterBox™ with water containers.”

Brian Steidle – Haiti Earthquake

“Ten tests were carried out by our microbiology laboratory. The results showed complete removal of E. Coli according to the World Health Organization guidelines.”

Tropical Disease Research Center Representative – Zambia