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WaterStick™: What’s cooler than the latest technology?

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

BMW Owner News, July 2010

By Randy Schaetzke #97497.

If you travel, camp or hike, and don’t want to carry gallons of water with you this is the way to go.

BMW owner magazine Seldon WaterStickWhat’s cooler than the latest technology? In this case clean water technology. Right down the road from me in Windsor, the birth place of Vermont, is Seldon Technologies, a company that is leading the way for clean water to be available globally. I was able to test their nanocarbon water filter on a recent trip to Maine and right here in Vermont. The bottom line is that it works great! If you travel, camp or hike, and don’t want to carry gallons of water with you this is the way to go.

There is nothing this patented Nanomesh media can’t filter out that could harm you. No longer will you have to boil, zap with ultra-violet, treat your drinking water like a swimming pool, carry batteries or use other old time methods just to have safe, clean water. The filter only weighs 6.9oz dry and measures a compact 11⅛ inches long (without hose barbs) x 3 inch diameter. It can even be fitted to a Camelbak or other hydration system. If you were camping in one location for a while, hook it up to a gravity feed system and let Mother Nature perform the work.

I found the bulb type hand pump is a breeze to use. You can expect to get 70 gallons of clean water out of the unit unless you are trying to filter thick pond scum. I tried this in a creek that I know has beavers and their associated parasites upstream. The filtered water was great. I never had any inkling of a health issue. The WaterStick™ removes an astonishing 99.9999% of all bacteria and 99.99% of all viruses. I’d like to know how that is measured, but I believe them. When I’m done using the WaterStick™ for the day I save the ends in zip lock bags labeled clean end and other end so as to prevent any cross contamination. I also store the water stick indoors during the winter to prevent freezing.

Seldon’s Nanomesh™ filters are also capable of removing a wide range of additional contaminants including lead, arsenic, iodine, organic carbons, and radionucleotides (much more is listed on their Web site). The versatility of the carbon nanotube, permits Seldon to create targeted contaminant removals with its Nanomesh ™. I even used the WaterStick™ on a hotel room water supply that had a nasty chlorine smell and taste!

bmw oners magazine july 2010 coverTraveling on foot or motor vehicle in areas where there are no convenience stores can pose a problem for staying hydrated. Yes, you can carry your water with you, but you still have to refill your container and lug it around. What if you could simply drink the water out of any puddle, pond, lake or stream you come across?

Would you drink the water from the Charles River in Boston? For those of you not familiar with the Charles River, it’s a nice dark brown color with a rather unique bouquet. Well, the CEO of Seldon Technologies did just that on a Boston TV station, you can find the video on Seldon has a platform technology with which it will address specific water problems in industrial applications in the future. Even NASA likes this company; they received a Small Business Research Award for “Nanomechanical Water Purification Device” a few years ago. They are going global, too. Their technology is now being used in Northern Rwanda.

You can get one at The Seldon WaterStick retails for $99, and you can buy a smaller WaterStick MINI with the same technology for $85.

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