The WaterBox™ is Seldon’s high-performance, extreme environment military and disaster response water purification solution.

Built with Seldon’s Nanomesh™ Purification Technology and exceeding the NSF P248 military compliance testing standard, the WaterBox™ provides the ultimate water purification solution to teams in the most challenging physical environments.

Durable, portable, safe, simple, and easy to use, the high capacity WaterBox™ delivers great tasting water immediately using an inbuilt water pump without the use of chemicals or heat.

The WaterBox™ removes sediments, man-made and biological contaminants from drinking water and has been field tested in countries around the world.

Download the WaterBox™ Specification Sheet.

Waterbox™ Kits:

  • WaterBox™ Filter Kit: The kit contains 10 Nanomesh™ Stage I and 2 Nanomesh™ Stage II filters.
  • WaterBox™ External Sediment Kit: The kit consists of a stand-alone housing with a 10 Micron sediment filter. The Sediment Kit will extend the life of the WaterBox™.



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  • Nanomesh™ filters remove 99.9999% of bacteria; 99.99% of viruses and 99.9% of cysts, and significantly reduces metals like mercury and lead.

  • Seldon Nanomesh™ material reduces sediment, chlorine and total organic carbons (TOC’s) while preserving healthy minerals.

  • Multi-voltage power supply options adapt to any field situation. Power source: 12VDC, 24VDC, 115VAC 60Hz and 230VAC 50 Hz.

  • The WaterBox™ is compatible with existing military solar options.

  • Flow-rate of 2.0 lpm (.5 gpm)

  • Significantly reduces harmful chemical contaminants such as:

    • Heavy Metals (e.g. lead and cadmium)

    • Disinfection by-products (THMs and HAAs)

    • Organophosphates (pesticides and herbicides)

    • VOCs (e.g. tetrachloroethylene and toluene)

    • TOC


  • Lightweight, rugged casing and freeze damage resistant components ensure long service life
  • Self-priming system can pump from any fresh water source with up to 2.4 meters (8 feet) of lift
  • Prime with check valve up to 6 meters (20ft)
  • Lightweight, rugged casing and freeze damage resistant components ensure long service life
  • Set-up takes less than five minutes with immediate purification using no chemicals and delivering no wastewater
  • Hoses and cartridges are easy to clean and replace
seldon waterbox




Awarded NSF P248 Compliance
Exceeds USEPA drinking water standard

Seldon WaterBox™:
6,000 Liters
(Includes 5 Seldon Nanomesh™ Stage I filters and 2 Seldon Nanomesh™ Stage II filters)

Seldon WaterBox™ Reload Kit:
15,000 Liters
(Includes 10 Seldon Nanomesh™ Stage I filters & 2 Seldon Nanomesh™ Stage II filters)


34.6kg (76 lbs)


38kg (83.7 lbs)

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