Revolutionary, Patented, life-saving innovation

Seldon’s Nanomesh™ technology combines size exclusion with advanced adsorption and can be found at the core of all Seldon’s drinking water products. Seldon Nanomesh™ filters will remove bacteria, viruses and cysts all to US EPA drinking water standards.

Seldon’s Nanomesh™ Technology removes:
  • 99.9999% bacteria
  • 99.99% viruses
  • 99.9% cysts
Seldon filters will also reduce:
  • Heavy metals (such as lead and mercury)
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Disinfection by-products (such as THMs and HAAs)
  • Chlorine, taste and odor
No Chemicals Used
No Water Wasted
Infographics-Time-03 No Time Wasted Infographics-Power-03-03
No Power Needed

The flexible Nanomesh™ membrane is highly effective in both pressurized and gravity based applications. For gravity applications, electricity is not always required. Seldon’s Nanomesh™ technology will instantly purify water without the use of heat or chemicals.

Independent Testing & Recognition

Seldon products have been independently tested at facilities such as at NSF International, the University of New Hampshire as well as international government authorized institutes. The WaterBox™, Seldon’s flagship product, has been tested at NSF and is compliant to NSF P248 (Emergency Military Operations Microbiological Water Purifiers).

Seldon in Action

Nanomesh Contaminant Removal microscope view
Nanomesh Contaminant Removal | Microscop...

SurvivalStick Demo V3
Seringa Ranch | WaterStick Ultra

seldon technologies waterstick
Contaminated River Water | WaterStick Ul...

Brian Steidle in Haiti after earthquake
The Seldon WaterBox in Haiti | Brian Ste...

The Seldon WaterBox and Seldon Technologies’ disaster relief efforts in Haiti with filmmaker and humanitarian Brian Steidle after the 2010 earthquake.

Seldon Technologies | ADS TV | Warrior Expo East 2013
Seldon Technologies on ADS TV at Warrior...

Seldon on ADS TV at Warrior Expo East 2013. Seldon’s Military Sales Rep. Mike Brown explains our state-of-the-art filtration products at an ADS trade show — Warrior Expo East 2013.

waterbox sewage treatment plant test
Seldon WaterBox Turns Sewage to Drinking...

Seldon WaterBox Turns Sewage to Drinking Water in 2 minutes….

At Seldon Technologies we invented the groundbreaking Nanomesh™ state-of-the-art, point-of-use solution to a universal problem … Acquiring pure, clean drinking water, anywhere.

short video summary of seldon technologies and products

Explore the diverse applications, advantages and unique science of Seldon Technologies revolutionary carbon nanomesh water purification technology in this Product Overview. Seldon Technologies, founded in 2002, has developed and patented proven waterfiltration media. Through the use of advanced nanomaterials, Seldon’s Nanomesh™ Technology filters bacteria, viruses and cysts all to US EPA drinking water standards. Nanomesh™ technology combines size exclusion with advanced adsorption. This technological breakthrough means that Seldon media is highly effective in both pressurized and gravity-based applications. For gravity applications, electricity is not required. The Nanomesh™ technology will instantly purify water without the use of heat or chemicals.


waterstation kickstarter videoKickstarter Campaign Video for Our New Re-Designed WaterStation™.

Our mission is to bring clean drinking water to the world. The next piece in that puzzle for us is our WaterStation™ product. The WaterStation™ prototype is a fully-functioning, portable water purifier that removes biological and man-made contaminants. It is ideal for adventurers, car campers, rescue teams, 4×4 off-road enthusiasts, or anyone who doesn’t want the environmental footprint of bottled water. It also serves as a backup home water purifier in emergencies and natural disasters. We need your support to improve the design of the prototype and run the first set of production units.