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Carbon nanotube (“CNT”) technology is about manipulating carbon atoms at a microscopic scale. Nanotechnology generally refers to the scientific application of knowledge to manipulate and develop structures with dimensions in the range of 1 billionth of a metre (one nanometer) to 50 billionths of a meter.
CNTs are the core of Seldon Nanomesh™ technology and have a diameter ranging from sub-nanometer up to approximately 50 nanometers. They are forms of carbon which have a cylindrical wall structure (coaxial for multi-walled-CNTs) and resemble a continuous, seamless hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms. The length of CNTs is typically thousands to tens-of-thousands of nanometers with a few special carbon nanotubes grown to longer than one million nanometers (1 millimeter).
CNTs have intrinsically superior electrical and mechanical properties compared to other materials, and their very large aspect ratios (width to length) and tensile strength make them the ideal fiber for fluid filtration if applied in a stable and suitable form. Nanomesh™ is made up of a fused nano-structured, non-woven material that is produced in a readily scalable process combining functionalized CNTs, activated carbon and fibers within a supporting substrate sheet material. Using the enormous surface area created by the CNT-based Nanomesh, it combines size-exclusion filtration and advanced sorption capability, resulting in a simple, flow-through filter that maximizes purification at low pressure drop.

Results & testing

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Nanomesh™ contaminant removal

Seldon Nanomesh™ filters can remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, to US EPA Drinking Water Standards (99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses, and 99.9 percent of cysts). Seldon Nanomesh™ filters also reduce sediment, total organic carbon (TOC), chlorine, color, bad taste, and odors. Seldon Technologies is developing further generation Nanomesh™ to reduce or remove non-biological harmful contaminants, including:

  • Lead and cadmium
  • Organophosphates (pesticides and herbicides)
  • Disinfection by–products

In a league of its own

Nanomesh™ filter technology combines size exclusion filtration with advanced sorption capability and is found at the core of all Seldon’s drinking water products. Seldon Technoogies (USA) has assembled a team of skilled scientists and experienced business professionals, based in Vermont. The company is constantly enhancing the Nanomesh™ media and Seldon’s filters through rigorous testing. Seldon retains a close working relationship with Dartmouth College, located 15 minutes north of the company’s lab.

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